Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hong Kong girl taunts ex-boyfriend with enlarged breasts
A video of a Hong Kong girl (left) showing off her new C cup breasts became popular recently.

In the video, she taunts her ex-boyfriend who had dumped her.

Bitter over the breakup that had occurred three months ago, she decides to show off her newly enlarged breasts to her ex-boyfriend who used to complain that they were "AA cups and too small".

The ex-boyfriend is said to have dumped her because of her small breasts.

The Hong Kong girl sputters vulgarities in the video, complaining that her ex-boyfriend had started to treat her differently once they got together.

She proceeds to unzip her grey jacket, revealing her C cup breasts.

"Now, take a good look, I have a C cup! Don't you regret dumping me now?" she said in cantonese angrily.

She mocked her ex-boyfriend saying: "Look at them, they are Cs! You don't even have a C on your school certificate."

"You can never say that I am small again," she added.

In another incident, a guy posts a photograph of his girlfriend (right) and claimed he is considering a break-up because her breasts are too small and are "practically not much different from an airport."

He degrades her further by saying, "I simply feel like I am touching a man."