Thursday, 7 April 2011

Miss Hongkong - Commerce 2009 Scandal

Miss Commerce - Hong Kong (did I get the right translation?) beauty pageant beauty Zhang Jing Si 張淨思 goes nude, claiming it to be pure artistry and not sex, and some users in internet forums claimed the girl is a candidate No. 3, a 29-year-old nudist called Zhang Jing Si.

This enraged netters as they asked, "As a professional lady is it right for her to go so far as such to do a nude photoshoot?" 

The beauty wrote in her facebook Profile claiming to be professional human body models, and made public a large number of sexy photos and body painting. 

Beauty pageant organizers yesterday night, announced that Zhang Jing Si, "withdraw from the contest on her own for personal reasons", probably after much public outcry.

According to Ming Pao Daily News reported that the 44th session of the Expo, "Miss Commerce Pageant," yesterday was held at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.

Invited to attend the contest includes CMA Vice-President Shi Chen Jiarong and many well known models. Chen Jiarong said after the incident, that Nude photo is sometimes difficult to define is obscene, or art, depends on how we look at it.

She said one should consider the main theme of nude modeling, whether it is art or pornography, "but in a lot of foreign countries nude modeling is a very common thing."

But she sure is gorgeous for a 29-year-old. Her boobs are large and natural, no silicon. Any old-time boob-watcher can tell the difference. :)

I bless the day when all humans can go around their daily routine and tasks without having to wear anything. The day when Art finally triumph over Conformity. We can say Bye bye to bad body odour too. It will then be a day I can use my dick as a profile picture in my Facebook account. Ho ho!



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